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  • Tizian

    So thats why Windows takes 2 minutes to start on my 1TB 980 Pro

  • Gaming Step By Step
    Gaming Step By Step

    And here we witness, the computer parts channel turn into yet another automotive channel

  • Satanas Luciferi
    Satanas Luciferi

    Thanks for reminding me why I have a windows PC

  • yensteel

    For those are familiar with GPU overclocking or mining, there's also GPU lotteries, Where Samsung B dies are desirable. It happens a lot more often than we think and companies should he open about it, especially if it's detrimental. The 1030 is another story.

  • Behind TheWall
    Behind TheWall

    Linus Sebastian: people interpreted to mean they would never have to pay for another windows license and that they would just get free upgrades forever, kind of like... nothing Linus Torvalds: excuse me? why are you lying?

  • Real Gaming
    Real Gaming

    Thats nasty af

  • J D
    J D

    Depending on the specs of each of the chips swapped, this actually might break a certification of the chip and therefore could actually make this illegal.

  • Matt Klinger
    Matt Klinger

    *Cough cough* it's lb-ft *Cough cough*

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller

    So now how do I determine what variant/components mine has.

  • JayTheBirdFlyZ

    were these the 8gb MacBooks or 16 gb?

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan

    Watching on my 720p phone!

  • E A
    E A

    7 thousand USD for a 1080p experience. Thieves.

  • Jio Angeles
    Jio Angeles

    Bruh david has two pcs and says the living room pc is bad

  • Aravindus

    U gave a SX8200PNP which I purchased in 2020 March and my current speeds with 400GB free out of 953GB is 3478MB read and 2657MB write.

  • Jason

    Linus is the type of guy who has overcooling issues and install fans to heat up his CPU...

  • Hanaka

    View counter said the video was released on 23'rd but it was released 21'st lol Bob, you are getting too effective.

  • Glitched User
    Glitched User

    3:36 “Yet”

  • SniperGu1

    me cant even play in 720p

  • AnAveragePakistani

    *padel down* le porsche or linus: hehehehe

  • Night Core
    Night Core

    And Tahts PC Is Worth It Even After 1000 Years

  • Allen Bercero
    Allen Bercero

    Is there a TKL version?

  • Joachim Voldseth
    Joachim Voldseth

    Tesla has already been retrofitting HW2 and 2.5 vehicles to HW3 for a while now.

  • Apipoulaï

    SSD: the only Samsung product I'll want to buy

  • Year of the ox
    Year of the ox

    Linus Fucks

  • Sentox

    now when he see this he will say EWWWWWWW

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Why didnt you check the random speed??

  • Skilling Exodus
    Skilling Exodus

    Your forklift is from the company in Germany next to the one where I work

  • Living_Empire

    Windows 10 retiring so soon?


    Hit like for those who think this is worst design,

  • Lachlan Henderson
    Lachlan Henderson

    Thanks so much for talking me into wasting a couple of thousand dollars on this piece of shit. Maybe the cooling is sufficient in your funking gulag workspace in Canada, but where I live I can't play games on my "gaming" laptop because it constantly overheats. Will never trust your reviews again.

  • Varangian af Scaniae
    Varangian af Scaniae

    If you have takes the "5G" shoot... Then why the "deep underground" do you still were a face diaper? I'm sorry Linus, I can't watch stupid people.

  • Sam Webster
    Sam Webster

    I honestly don’t understand people’s hatred of the power adapter it’s on the floor you can’t see it

  • Badkarma ON0
    Badkarma ON0

    I need it..

  • ilikejonathong

    I’m here for the thumbnail

  • VTX Hobbies
    VTX Hobbies

    Pop_OS does not work with 144hz monitors.

  • Adam Kendall
    Adam Kendall

    I hope they get rid of the Start button again!!!

  • Dennis Teek
    Dennis Teek again in 3-4 months... no

  • Nils Drees
    Nils Drees

    When a game has a problem now, you can be quite sure it's not because you lack the Ram

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson

    2021: Man discovers water cooling. Though these initial attempts are crude, they show promise.

  • Ari K.
    Ari K.

    What about the 4K Blue ray drive?

  • Retrain Ark
    Retrain Ark

    If i remember correctly, A-DATA used to do exactly the same thing when they first start to sell cheap 2.5" SSD back in china for like more than 10 years ago. they really never changes.

  • Kuro

    this is so wholesome :D

  • Daniel Atkins
    Daniel Atkins

    at the very least its fraud

  • Jimmy K.
    Jimmy K.

    Why are we watching this?

  • Priyansu Tank
    Priyansu Tank

    Yeah! My father is a VMC programmer and operator for 21 years and whenever I look him starting machine, it just looks like he's preparing a fighter jet for sorties!

  • MightBeFluffy

    So given the r&d and parts cost 30-40k is cheap af

  • TimeToSnitch

    Alter wie nice die Qulai aussieht. Ich finde du gibst dir in letzter Zeit echt mühe man.

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma

    My laptop have Adata SX6000PNP PRO but its maximum copying speed that i saw is nearly 500MB/s. This is Cheating by ADATA that they already shared their Speed table on their own website i.e 6000MB/s. Will never buy adata product. Samsung is best in all aspects.

  • James U
    James U

    Lol popos is just as quick as windows 10 at everything. It's super easy. Also like doesn't have time to wait for discord? Lol discord updates the same way in popos or ubuntu as windows, yet in windows he uses different users for games and work?

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor

    Great bit of investigative work guys, pc kit is expensive enough without these companies advertising one thing and selling us another. Has anyone successfully RMA'd a stick of this RAM based on it not being as advertised. How is Bait and Switch even legal, I cannot advertise gold and ship silver, it's against the law. More of this Linus, please.

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor

    The cringe in Linus's face while reading this sponsor spot. I giggled. Seriously though what a ridiculous... Thing...?

  • Glitched User
    Glitched User

    1:11 um...

  • Ropuce

    11:38 so... we got a video from the future?

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller

    I literally have this exact drive in 512gb that I bought in January that’s the main drive in my PC. Now I’m curious what components it has. 😬

  • seyahtan24

    I actually use the Adata XPG SX8200 1 TB. Actually performs great for the price.

  • Jack Krauser
    Jack Krauser

    First HDDs now SSDs

  • Heyalth

    damn good call on the PPE

  • HX3_EnFr Hdel
    HX3_EnFr Hdel

    What a really good computer case, two in one

  • Beno C
    Beno C

    Fusion 360 T-shirt on the operator. Good choice!

  • Fartbox Muncher
    Fartbox Muncher

    The Tesla cars look like dumb toys compared to this, their interiors and build quality are shit.

  • Footbur79

    Well I’m not eating lunch after looking at that dog food

  • DrBucketFace

    Ah yes, "Look closlier" instead of "look closer".

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan

    We're going past the limits of human vision with resolutions like this, especially for gaming, unless people are going to sit one foot away from their huge TVs now like Linus did. But that will cause all sorts of orthopaedic problems. 4K at higher refresh rates would be more compelling, and even that is of questionable value.

  • iam not deserve to have name as
    iam not deserve to have name as


  • Krisztián Prohászka
    Krisztián Prohászka

    I just want a stable windows that runs old and new, and the ability to turn off updates for forever

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

    The stormy pet empirically sail because math industrially blush anenst a gigantic crab. long, eminent comparison

  • Liam Beaumont
    Liam Beaumont

    Okay who thought Yvonne bought the leopard print, that is clearly a Lamborghini Linus buy

  • Big Blue
    Big Blue

    I want a fish tank made out of these

  • Matthias Schmitt
    Matthias Schmitt

    I would rather get a Tesla Model S Plaid.

  • WhiteSythle

    "Microcenter has 25 locations across the United States! None of which are actually near you! Suck it kiddo!"

  • Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson

    Do Samsung and Intel do this as well? If i listened 15 seconds longer 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ultimate Wassakocho
    Ultimate Wassakocho

    11:38 ''subsribers''? Really xD

    • Ultimate Wassakocho
      Ultimate Wassakocho

      Also, June 23? xD

  • crebegea

    Did you guys just advertised the covid vaccine? well, so long, have a good life while it lasts.

  • Dies Roelofs
    Dies Roelofs

    Ender 3 buy it man

  • ClunkGam1ng

    not gonna lie, that was a bad ass intro lol!

  • KRX Gaming
    KRX Gaming

    Just buy Samsung SSDs. They're the best and offer great value too.

  • Gusdwipa

    what if linus decide to make an E-sport team? LTT E-sport?

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani

    So glad Linus is calling out this stuff. It's becoming inreasingly difficult to be informed of what you're actually buying nowadays. Inconsistent naming schemes are bad enough, and I thought surely the RTX 30 series mobile GPUs would be the worst of it but this is a new low!

  • Michael Ezat Cook
    Michael Ezat Cook

    I was just considering Adata over Samsung for my new NVMe… coincidence?