Upgrading Your Cheap Streaming Setup
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A year ago we went over what it takes to make an awesome streaming/conference set up on the cheap, or even for ZERO dollars. Today we're revisiting this idea with a modest budget to see how much of a difference upgrading your setup can really make.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxm...
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/sup...
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High lvdown.info...

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 - Intro
1:09 - Analog Audio vs. USB Audio
1:58 - Audio Interface
2:28 - Dynamic Microphones
3:18 - Condenser Microphones
4:13 - Webcams, Phones, and Cameras
6:41 - Lighting
7:40 - Capture cards
9:08 - Software Setup
10:45 - Gaming (Before \u0026 After)
11:33 - Conclusion

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher

    For "a pacifist Canadian" you did way too much shooting.


    6:25 My research told me that the A5100 overheats after about 10 minutes of use and shuts down.

  • Kyle Sorensen
    Kyle Sorensen

    Extremely obscure chocolate rain reference 2:45

  • Sakura 難蔵
    Sakura 難蔵

    Does anyone know if the behringer xm8500 dynamic mic would work with the behringer umc22 linus used?

  • BruhMiester993

    the chocolate rain reference was so good lol

  • ichigo desu
    ichigo desu

    8:57 stop drinking like this, people.

  • FryL

    "I'm a pacifist canadian" lol

  • hazeldizzy

    If you're reading this and you can afford an Aston Origin, please don't plug it on a Behringer sound interface( Terrible pre-amp ), get something that will do your mic some justice even if you're on "budget". like a Focusrite, Presonus or even Steinberg.

  • Ankur Shinde
    Ankur Shinde

    i have a Galaxy S9 with some major display burn-in issues, and honestly it is not worth getting the screen replaced in India, so I use it as a excellent webcam.

  • Andrew Sheh
    Andrew Sheh

    9:34 Why did you show that. I need to bleach my eyes now.....

  • Krishna Mahesh
    Krishna Mahesh

    Why not just use Philips Wiz LED lights, then the colour temperature can be adjusted on the fly by software. You can save the hundreds of dollars too

  • Zac Dredge
    Zac Dredge

    I feel like the original setup was better, hmm, except maybe audio.

  • Niko Chin
    Niko Chin

    3:10 That explains why linus's voice sounded so much deeper

  • btotheoomer2

    Canon has software to connect your camera via USB and outputs a clean image. It’s only officially supported to the Rebel T3, but it works just fine on my T2i.

  • Benedict Yelf
    Benedict Yelf

    Canon EOS 200D (Rebel SL2) has webcam utility software, allowing for a really good image over USB. Really easy and high quality image!

  • J C
    J C

    It's funny. The Behringer was the device recommended, but in the software setup, they're using a Focusrite lol. The Behringer doesn't have any decent software. It uses super generic ASIO drivers. Unfortunate.

  • Sam Dalfuss
    Sam Dalfuss

    6:31 Depending on which Cheap Canon you buy there actually IS a hack to get rid of the OSD and give it a clean HDMI out. There's a custom firmware called "Magic Lantern" which supports most Canon DSLRs and gives you, among many others, the option to clear the OSD when in live view which gives you a clean HDMI out! Just make sure the model you're looking at is supported! ^^

  • Jacky

    slap some EQ on the snowball, will sound better than the XLR setup, that being said the same EQ on the XLR setup will sound better than the snowball, i wouldn't go XLR until you get affiliate on twitch at least or 1,000 subs on youtube (since its easier to grow on yt than on twitch)

  • 黒い楓

    Why not use a high CRI LED bulb instead of an incandescent? Cree and Feit both make some good ones in the 90 CRI range.

  • winfred kusorgbor
    winfred kusorgbor

    all I can say is wow...

  • Lizzy Masters
    Lizzy Masters

    linus still playing with bots.

  • Paco Pelaez
    Paco Pelaez

    so are the "gaming microphones" like the hyperx quadcast a good option or not?

  • Sean Toh
    Sean Toh

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer...

  • Cesar Cotiz
    Cesar Cotiz

    Canon all the way. The t3 is available via usb. The only compromise is the resolution, but for thumbnail video eis awesome

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack

    I just hate how you have all these slots. for usb stick and dongles gears gadgets and this or that. analog keyboards. that can sense the sticks on an xbox controller for however many keys there are. and its 2.0 usb. please god. just make a 3.0 usb keyboard and mouse. and shamaladingdong. we'd JUST WORK.

  • Vietboy Gamer
    Vietboy Gamer

    Can you pimp my ancient pc?

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker

    from anywhere from 0 to 50$?

  • Morin Gabriel
    Morin Gabriel

    0:53 Lol thats the mic i just bought before looking at this video (but the K670, not his old K669 but its pretty similar) i hope it sounds at least as great its not bad from what i actually have lol

  • A. Cheeseman
    A. Cheeseman

    I love my UMC22.

  • Daniel Elves
    Daniel Elves

    So my Elgato Game Capture HD recently died, and I'm trying to find a decent CC for under $60 if I can't get it replaced/fixed. What's the recommendation?

  • Lumad KAMAYO
    Lumad KAMAYO


  • abba2566

    You can get cheapish panel lights on Amazon for like £50-100 (often in pairs) and whilst they don't have the fancy software controls, they're a much lower cost and as lights are going to be just as good, if not better (I think the ones I have looked slight bigger than the Elgato one and they're more than bright enough.)

  • Justin Li
    Justin Li

    One thing for clarity's sake: the narrow pickup range of the dynamic mic is not a "bug" that is "more of a feature", it's just simply a feature. Dynamic microphones such as the SM58 used here are largely meant to be used in noisy environments where in order to retain clarity for the one who's speaking you need to pick up as little background noise as possible, therefore why the need to have your face pressed up to the mic (therefore the low volume despite high gain) and the need to be directly in front of it (no sound if you turn away). Considering the SM58 is one of the most commonly used stage microphones even for modern day artists, you definitely aren't missing out on reliable audio. If it's good enough for singing, it's good enough for streaming. But other than that the description of the differences between the microphones was to me very concise and clear, and great for anyone new to the whole thing to at least have a rough idea of what they need to get started.

  • Guillem Coma
    Guillem Coma

    2:45 that reference just was a hit back to the past 👴

  • Kira

    your aim is not bad, just trun the sensetivity on the mouse lower

  • Bullet1520

    Something often overlooked for a webcam/video device... Microsoft's Kinect v2. I got one from a buddy whose office was cleaning house and was dumping some old stuff they never used. I found an adapter on Newegg or Amazon, I forget which... and got the OBS plugin. It's actually really impressive for what it is. Mic isn't trash either, if your main mic dies or disconnects or whatever.

  • Luis Gustavo
    Luis Gustavo

    OMG the move away meme it is REALLY OLD

  • DeadHawk

    I got a RØDE NT-USB Mini which is USB but honestly sounds better and is cheaper.

  • John Dowson
    John Dowson

    To be honest the 'after' setup kinda looks worse. The lighting is better, but the camera is quite noisy and overly soft.

  • Very Loki
    Very Loki

    not sure about the camera placement for the stream.

  • max compact
    max compact

    sorry to say but your aim is trash...

  • Ryozu Kojima
    Ryozu Kojima

    Now do another with focus on facial tracking. Time for the Linus Vtuber debut.

  • Jan Koppe
    Jan Koppe

    Wow, there's a lot of misinformation in the mic section. You misportrayed dynamic microphones completely - pickup pattern is not determined by microphone type. There are tons of condenser mics with tight pickup patterns, and vice versa. Also, you used one of the shitties dynamic mics you could have picket - At least use the ubiquitous SM58, or another dynamic mic with better frequency response out of the box.

  • Dominic McAreavey
    Dominic McAreavey

    I would suggest the focus rite sapphire 2i it’s great for musicians streamers and podcasters

  • Dominic McAreavey
    Dominic McAreavey

    As a musician I love the audio tips they’re on point!!

  • Ryan

    meanwhile me gaming on a gt 710

  • Kuroshine

    Other Camera recommendations. The Canon M50 is very good, and if you just want to flex the EOS R cameras have really good features for this sort of streaming use, but you will be paying for that privilege.

  • Kuroshine

    Other lighting solutions are available. You can look for LED video and photography lights from sites like Amazon, B&H, and Adorama. The Neewer lights will often be the cheapest, but the improvement in quality from going for something like a Godox or GVM will be noticeable for about 50-100 more in terms of longevity and ease of use.

  • Jake Boi
    Jake Boi

    People used to call me Chocolate rain on xbox 360 cause my gamertag was HILO RAIN 😂

    • Tristen Grant
      Tristen Grant




  • RazeR seru
    RazeR seru

    11:50 Linus out of context

  • Lucky Barker
    Lucky Barker

    Don’t ever use a USB sound card go old-school do FireWire 800 it’s faster than USB There’s still out there I use it and it’s more reliable than the USB controller once I work with the stuff every day trust I would know I also deal with PA applications as well I know what I’m talking about

    • Lucky Barker
      Lucky Barker

      That’s what I personally highly recommend as I again said I’ve used USB in the past and have been disappointed

  • Shíshǒu INTP-A
    Shíshǒu INTP-A

    This video is ehh... Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD for 63€ is a much much better value at higher bitrate and resolution as well as future proof with more inputs Superlux E205 for 39€ is a smashing Condenser mic for the price, much better than any Dynamic mic. Quite a view of the cheap USB video capture cards have a very high latency of 210-300ms so you might have to set a delay for your audio in OBS. Cheap lights on Amazon are also very good at great value being more professional than a spotlight but less expensive than overpriced elgato lights. Big diffused light panels are preferred.

  • Salty Spectrum
    Salty Spectrum

    Yup I have the Behringer UMC22 and XM8500 and had the blue yeti for many years before, and I got to say for the price it sounds so much better! It powers my headphones too with built-in monitoring. Also have an a6000 for video, but I recommend getting a 12 mm wide with f2.0 manual lens so in low light you don't get focus breathing.

  • jabuki

    Good video. Thank you for mentioning voice meeter, it's crucial free software for proper system-wide audio control. I've been recommending the Behringer UMC22 with Shure pga48 combo for years. Everyone always grabs a snowball, then realizes you are just trying to mic your voice, not the entire room and neighbors dog. I personally prefer as little overlay as possible. Viewers really don't care about last follows and donations being on-screen constantly. I highly suggest streams make a simple slide show looping all their social links as a watermark so that if a clip goes viral people know where to find you. Beyond that a Starting, brb, and ending screen is about all the overlay most streams need.

  • DaFluffyOwl

    2:46 Is that a reference to chocolate rain

  • Xander Zion
    Xander Zion

    hi Linus could you help me with my laptop dell latitude e7450, the problem is application has been block from accessing graphic hardware. I have been having this problem almost a mouth for me i been factory reset a few time and up date the windows version to get the latest version and been searching online for almost a mouth and its dont solve the problem yet. this is my working and gaming its run around like 100fps fortnite on low setting and 100fps on apex legend on low setting. but seen the last few week i cant play any game, I been watching you seen 2016 but on differences acc #im not gonna stop comment utill you make a video to help low spec gamer.

  • It's The Steve Show
    It's The Steve Show

    I keep getting hiss when recording if I am listening through my PC. But, if I am coming straight off my Tascam DR-60DMKII It is extremely clean. Anyone have any ideas? Do I need a dedicated audio card in my rig?

  • Vance Lester
    Vance Lester

    The dynamic mic sounds like hot garbage. I've noticed this with EposVox as well. Way to much low end with zero highs. Needs more balanced sounds in my opinion.

  • Fisken Pc
    Fisken Pc

    if you search for cheap usb capture card on yt you will find a great capture card that i personally use and havent had a problem with it

  • Fisken Pc
    Fisken Pc

    Remember you dont need to spend that much on audio. i agree on the choises in that budget tho. reccomend used audio interface it worked great for me and was half the price. chech out podcastage he tests microphones really good at each pricepoint

  • William G
    William G

    Is a i9-11900k a lot better than an i9-10850k?

  • SilverTech Mods
    SilverTech Mods

    Same crap again

  • Aldo Zarate
    Aldo Zarate

    IMO condenser mics are so much better than dynamic mics in their sound, and you don't NEED 48v phantom power, my little berignger interface only a fraction of that and it works beautifully, that said it does take some research into finding someone who has a video demoing the exact set up you intend to buy

  • MrMelodyCold

    this looks too yellow?

  • Cristiano Pinto
    Cristiano Pinto

    Linus Linus Linus you wanna see a bad gaming setup

  • JawSayOn

    They should've went with a c920 and a blue yeti

  • C.T. Bell
    C.T. Bell

    Please get your camera guys to help you with setting by up streaming lighting and camera angle. Putting the light right above the camera looks terrible

  • tagcrea

    Magic Lantern add-on firmware allows you to get clean HDMI out on many older Canon DSLRs (along with a LOT of other features).

  • D Rabbitz
    D Rabbitz


  • Operation Blue C4
    Operation Blue C4

    Oh no. That thumbnail... Yvonne has gotten herself into the wrong type of video...

  • riku

    a "your breathtaking" joke in 2021? oh man

  • DigitalHi5 Media
    DigitalHi5 Media

    Clip lights work ok if that's all you have... done that trick 15 years ago.. by time you get 3+ lights though, 1 LED panel will be better lighting. Get cheap LED panels on amazon. Range from $25-125 kits. "Neweer" is one of the cheap brands.

  • Nuyel Solórzano Ruano
    Nuyel Solórzano Ruano

    I have a behringer UMC202HD if you wanna keep the low cost for the mic the behringer XM8500 is really good and cheap selection

  • James Saville
    James Saville

    The Chocolate Rain reference was all I needed. Good lord, thank you.

  • Gilmer

    This is actually right up my alley, because I've been discussing doing a "LVdown/Podcast" with a coworker that focuses on local events in my area - the focus is something woefully lacking online, but the events are all over the place.

  • Cr3ePiO

    Seriously, a 48? come on. the 58 is the live club industry standard, but it's used because it's a bit dull. A better choice would be a 58 beta or a shennheiser which are quite air-y and even supercardioids. But good job on the Aston. wonderful mics.

  • Thirded :o
    Thirded :o

    I personally use a Behringer Mixer 802 and an Audio Technica AT2020, the sound quality is amazing and I would highly recommend it if you have the money laying around. You will need a few cords unless you get a different mixer and just connect it via USB but otherwise you're fine

  • S. Fen.
    S. Fen.

    Maybe I'm crazy but I thought the cheap mic and video setup looked and sounded better lol. The "upgraded" one has a fuzzier image and the mic sounds like one of those crappy gaming headset mics.

  • Chris Quinn
    Chris Quinn

    honestly a 100w incandescent replacement led bulb or 2 is much cheaper and gives better lighting, all you need is something to soften the light a bit either by reflection or shading.

  • Chrone Nojysk
    Chrone Nojysk

    For a cheaper Audio Interference, buy a U-Phoria UM2 if you want to save money.

  • cyrkielnetwork

    You can crop out those menu numbers in OBS.

  • Patrick Sproull
    Patrick Sproull

    I physically cringed when he said “good audio interface” and showed a Behringer 🙃

    • Justin Li
      Justin Li

      Well you know, it's good enough for streaming and it's pretty cheap. They aren't hooking a stingray up to it if you catch my drift, so doubt they're going to notice any difference in terms of preamp quality there. As I'm sure anyone in this particular thread ought to know, there's only so much good preamps can do to cover for your mic, and considering they were using an SM58... doubt they'd notice any difference.

    • DigitalHi5 Media
      DigitalHi5 Media

      I think I looked away at that part, but I saw they had focusrite hooked up at some point in the video.

  • Lee

    I have nothing but a couch and a laptop, no room and no desk. Try and help me now.

  • Bruno Bruno
    Bruno Bruno

    Nice chocolate rain reference!

  • Phil Jermakian
    Phil Jermakian

    Seems way more tiney audio after the "level up".

  • Phil Jermakian
    Phil Jermakian

    LVdown suggests watching this on 144p lol

  • Muscleduck

    I have an original (1st gen) NEX-5 that doesn't support clean HDMI, but I just use OBS to crop the overlay out. Cropping is as easy as resizing. I think the shortcut is using alt and dragging.

  • Aryaan Ijaz
    Aryaan Ijaz

    leave bandicam alone

  • Vicz King
    Vicz King

    You look awful... and it's my fault

  • Frauly

    day 4

  • Farid Arro
    Farid Arro

    all I need for upgrading streaming setup is my internet connection :( :( :(

  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost

    Camera upgrade wasn't worth it at all lol

  • Joshi Bartsch
    Joshi Bartsch

    Can you build me a PC for free

  • Black Lily
    Black Lily

    but the behringer interface is so terrible. at least go with a motu M2 or M4.

  • Matthew Gilbride
    Matthew Gilbride

    My universities cloisters (arches) got a feature! (Glasgow uni)

  • Robert F
    Robert F

    Why didn't you recommend a Behringer C3 Condenser Mic? Far cheaper than the $450 Aston Spirit mic and from Behringer, the same company as the recommended interface.

    • DantesGrill

      You think they actually did research for this video?

    • Robert F
      Robert F

      Also, Voicemeter is not available on Linux, but you don't need it.

    • Robert F
      Robert F

      Also, you can get a 4kx60 action camera with hdmi out with a better picture than that sony 5000 for less.

  • trung nguyen
    trung nguyen

    The sedate baboon advisably terrify because doll splenomegaly squash athwart a fabulous day. squealing, hungry salesman

  • Adzetko Hohengarten
    Adzetko Hohengarten

    I wasn't expecting the Chocolate Rain reference at 2:46

  • Andrew Bowman
    Andrew Bowman

    Everyone uses Streamlabs now 🤦🏼‍♂️