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Powerful handheld console-style gaming PCs are popping up on the market trying to get a slice of the Nintendo Switches pie. Today we've got a BIG one here to try out and play some games on!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • James Blodgett
    James Blodgett

    I've never seen that small windows hand held before. That you showed at the beginning of the video.

  • David Proaño
    David Proaño

    Conclusions (at least for me): just buy a Switch Even the actual switch is better and cheaper

  • ReezesPuffs

    It’s very reassuring that 3-4 inches is a lot

  • Programmer Sayed
    Programmer Sayed

    That's not a portable gaming device for its size, that's already a PC. It's not comfortable to carry along wherever you go

  • Bruce

    ‘’You know what they say, 3 or 4 inches is a lot”

  • D TV
    D TV

    Can you please try DayZ...

  • ItsTheKris

    1600 haha no thanks

  • ShyDiggy

    The name One XPlayrt is probably a pun on NX ( the Nintendo switch’s code name) and one-notebook.

  • Nicky Ricardo
    Nicky Ricardo

    Could I install yuzu on this?

  • kyndred2008

    over 2k

  • Holiday Fart Cruise
    Holiday Fart Cruise

    Lol fck that price.

  • DoomOfConviction

    One Xplayer is nonsensical as a name but close at Xbox one…

  • Daim Rosario
    Daim Rosario

    Fun fact: in ios you can do that for free. talking about the sponser

  • Mudassir ._.
    Mudassir ._.

    my laptop has max 15 tdp lol

  • Frederik Wøhliche
    Frederik Wøhliche

    so uh how does one aquire such a device ?

  • Aiden Snew
    Aiden Snew

    gamer: "omg the switch is trash im so sick of this!" also gamer: "wow this is awesome!!! only 850$ for the i5 version that can barley run rocket leuge at 30 fps!?! and chugs 10 fps while trying to emulate Wii/Wii U games!?!?! give me 5, i wanna set up the worlds worst- i mean most lit lan party with these 15 LB bricks!" me: and this is why Nintendo levels of polish and optimization are worth mentioning whenever someone start's going on about specs... Because with all respect, the fact the Switch running a mid range mobile chip from 2015, and it can even run BOTW @ 720P 30fps NATIVELY shouldn't even be possible without that insane amount of optimization it has.

    • Aiden Snew
      Aiden Snew

      @Jolly sou'Wester yeah but also specs aren't everything, optimization is where Nintendo shines. As a PC player who built his own and fiddles all the time I KNOW about emulators, I know about pirating game's, and I also know not every PC port or emulator is smooth sailing.... My Pc is literally 6x stronger then a PS3, doesn't means things don't still get sloppy when I try and run a badly ported PS3 game off steam... Yes expensive hand held a like this are cool but a gimick at best, hand held consoles are in their infancy and by the time you order THIS or the steam pal that valve is working on the next gen Switch is going to invalidate it within a year or 2. The rumors of Switch pro weren't for nothing. if you look at Nintendo's CEO response to the rumors he didn't say "no Switch pro is fake" he said "we are always looking at new technology, it's just a matter of when do we use it and how." This 850$ thing is nothing. The Steam Pal from Valve MIGHT be nice if it's built right with a good price. It might also flop. BUUUUUUTTT Nintendo has a contract with Nvidia. Nintendo is the only console manufacturer with access to Nvidia's hardware, and DLSS tech at the moment, and the second the Steal pal droppes for 500$-600$ making this 850$ thing look like JUNK... Nintendo just needs to drop "Switch 2" with that 4K DLSS up scaling when docked for 400$-450$ and both the steam pal and this are gonna look bad next to it. Also your point on game price is kinda kinda off.. It costs just as much to buy a NEW AAA Switch game as it cost to buy a new AAA Xbox series X or PS5 game where im from. It also costs just as much to buy New AAA games off steam, it took steam over 5 years to discount GTA5 same with PS4 and xbox... OLDER titles go on sale all the time across every platform, New AAA games takes years to go on sale if they dont flop like Cyberpunk did. Nintendo also DOSE have sales on games, they have a big one going on right now and one they had last month as well lol... and if you want to pirate/emulate old games just jail brake the Switch and download home brew. If you already own a PC you have access to everything this and a steam pal can play, you still need to buy a switch if you wanna play BOTW2 and Metroid Dread. Personally i don't care about paying 50-70$ on a hot new AAA game that took a team of 80+ people 5+ years to make. To me that's just me paying for my part for their work and telling them to make another, but that's just me and i'm in a position to be able to afford to i know not everyone is.

    • Dicey

      With handhelds like these, you are mainly aiming at emulating games.

    • Jolly sou'Wester
      Jolly sou'Wester

      Don't forget switch games are sometimes up to 100$(at least where I am) and they rarely go on sale where on pc games go on sale frequently like the witcher 3 goty going for 15 bucks at times , so it will take a handful of games to make up the difference in price, then you have the massive back log in pc games, emulation games ps1 ps2 snes gamecube ext. Oh and for the love of god, the guy was running rocket at full settings at 1600p resolution where the switch runs at 720p. I love my switch but its not the alpha and omega, products like this are also cool and can be amazing maybe not now but in the future.

  • Mr Yos
    Mr Yos

    Linus - the throwing stuff guy.

  • ordinary

    made it android or ios gaming capable also...

  • Joe Haynes
    Joe Haynes

    I want Linx to do a new Handheld . A lot about the original was right .

  • Tiffany Lea
    Tiffany Lea

    All I want to know if it can play the Sims 4 on the Go.

  • RyanGuitarGuy

    Lol linus puts his phone in his left pocket

  • Dj none
    Dj none

    Pair of industrial jnco jeans and that fit fine

  • I lost my name steve
    I lost my name steve

    How about not telling us a device that doesn't break the bank? I can barely afford a $50 phone due to being a single parent. Looks like I'll stick to my game boy colour until 2060 when this becomes affordable

  • Dalma Máté
    Dalma Máté

    Im sad that not even phones are pocket sized for women

  • Shelby Seitzinger
    Shelby Seitzinger

    This looks like if Alienware got into emulators... GL with support from a CCP controlled Honk Kong vaporware lab and the insane markup on hardware. Pretty sure Samsung S20 FEs have exactly the same gaming experience with higher display brightness and better battery life... Plus they don't have a built in controller that will certainly fail rendering it a brick.

  • Bubbles RC Shed
    Bubbles RC Shed

    Not sure why anyone wants these handheld emulators they always need tweeking and still work like crap 💩 Nintendo literally has tons of old games, mini games and Indie games let alone the big name titles that I don’t understand why anyone would spend over 1000USD to play a PS3 game poorly hahahaha But that my take on a handheld market I haven’t dived into. My vote is still Nintendo is king in handheld and always will be

  • Rahmat MAT ISA
    Rahmat MAT ISA


  • Flat is good
    Flat is good

    Now try to fit one in women's jeans.

  • Alpha Blaq
    Alpha Blaq

    Why pay that much for a handheld underpowered pc, when I could just build a decent desktop for the same price? Cause handheld? Lmao

  • Areeb M.
    Areeb M.

    3 or 4 inches is a lot ;)

  • IM2BAD 4UU
    IM2BAD 4UU

    Mate can you try to make a budget build for a gaming pc since theirs not realy 20 and 30 series in stock Budget-1000$ From A Fan

  • Dai Rugger
    Dai Rugger

    It’s actually an advanced version the T-Mobile “Side Kick”

    • AntonioR Software
      AntonioR Software

      Sony Vaio UX.

  • WZ T
    WZ T

    Yeah I still haven't made my pc so why would I go for that thing...*runs in his room to cry*

  • Summer - Tezafim
    Summer - Tezafim

    0:59 maybe a Fanny pack

  • Flyonnit

    0:54 womens pockets be like

  • Sithered Zburator
    Sithered Zburator

    I hear nintendo makes a switch

  • Rick Liebenthal
    Rick Liebenthal

    crazy quad cores weere the BEAST back in the day .... use to rock a sempron for budget gaming XD

  • modern Piez
    modern Piez

    Video idea buying a pc off of alibaba

  • Electric Style
    Electric Style

    Drift: yes

  • Nabkro

    we dont need that resolution it would look perfectly fine at 1080 or even at 720

  • Kinsu

    I'd literally never buy this unless there's a USB port so that I can connect my keyboard and mouse to game

  • Luis Gosery
    Luis Gosery

    Nintendo is jealous and demand all youtuber tryin to compare

  • Chunkie

    This guy sounds just like Todd Howard and even looks like him. I meant as a compliment btw lol.

  • Maximilian Willert
    Maximilian Willert

    No Linus, you want the charging port at the top so when you use the kickstand, you can still charge the device. This company actually thought their use-cases through unlike Nintendo..

  • Dariex

    If the charging port was on the bottom, playing using the stand wouldn't be possible (the keyboard wouldn't be usable also when charging too).

  • 🅱_B I G_M E A T Y_ T H I G H S_🅱️
    🅱_B I G_M E A T Y_ T H I G H S_🅱️

    3:05. W I D E L I N U S

  • Melvo

    I can only imagine the stick drift after a month or so. Rather stick to a smartphone with xcloud/console streaming and a kishi that has better quality and warranty which can be replaced easily.

  • Marcelo Javier Fernández
    Marcelo Javier Fernández

    9:11 Nice Goal

  • The lampost show
    The lampost show

    Is this fake linus bit robotic

  • Believe On Jesus
    Believe On Jesus

    JESUS died for our sins on the cross, HE shed HIS holy, innocent , precious blood for us (HIS blood washes away ALL sins) HE was buried but on the third day GOD raised HIM from the dead. All you have to do to be saved is: Believe in JESUS, trust in HIS blood. JESUS did everything for you, no works are required for salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9)

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas

    What switch pro? Nintendo already said no switch pro.... The console is making too much money so why are they going to make a new version...

  • Itz Cheshire
    Itz Cheshire

    I wanna see how it runs Genshin Impact

  • Theo Kag
    Theo Kag

    🤣 who buys that stuff ??

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher

    15:05 Tencent? That's a Chinese company which is under the thumb of the Chinese government.

  • fallenstar

    can this stand like a thousand tnt explosion in minecraft

  • StarPenguin

    It's a mobile pc!

  • C_zer1106

    So is it worth buying or not

  • CoolCake

    "Bro what do you run windows on" *"Switch"*

  • Robert Dutra
    Robert Dutra

    Tell Linus 1993 is calling and they want there hoop earrings back!!

  • Joshua Ashburn
    Joshua Ashburn

    What a tool lol! It's like watching one of those classic QVC shows from back in the day...

  • Npc I'm knot
    Npc I'm knot

    can this run regular programs like itunes, etc? lol need a small computer lol

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    "plugs in the handheld" todd howard " 16 TIMES THE DETAIL"

  • Aleg Cuizăuca
    Aleg Cuizăuca

    Take my honest dislike)

  • Naman S.
    Naman S.

    You just need AMG Integrated GPU processor Instead of Intel.

  • azforu29

    Dude I'd love to have that thing. The One X Player. I'd be able to play a serious GOG and Steam libary.

  • MicTheAutisticOni

    This would have been such a really cool product back in 2005

  • Brandt Pierce
    Brandt Pierce


  • Geforce GTX 1060 6gb
    Geforce GTX 1060 6gb

    my boy linus emulating persona 5

  • ItimNaGubat NgKaligayahan
    ItimNaGubat NgKaligayahan

    My sorry-a** wallet hurts.

  • Alphonso Thomas
    Alphonso Thomas

    👎 im good the Switch is better and far more entertaining and far more functional than that pocket thingy!

  • X tech tips
    X tech tips

  • X tech tips
    X tech tips


  • Vr Shark Melon
    Vr Shark Melon


  • RBKing 80
    RBKing 80

    Why the hell are you wearing a woolie hat in summer ?

  • John

    "Don't wait for the Switch Pro, Buy This Today!" but I can't now buy onexplayer so it's clickbait

  • Felix MX17
    Felix MX17

    If I could afford

  • Way2Clutch39

    God I hope no one actually buys this

  • Hazem Shaary
    Hazem Shaary

    the PSP reigns supreme

  • Ridsy

    i want nintendo games

  • Toffen

  • lou

    buy a laptop instead, because this is too heavy to be used as a hand-held.

  • SxC DR
    SxC DR

    Imagine warzone like on this

  • dexter239


  • Varun Lalchandani
    Varun Lalchandani

    Yo linus Ur pockets ar so flicking big!!!!


    This unit is $2108 😂😂 at that price you can buy a PS5, Xbox X, and an entry level PC. This gets 👎👎 for not being priced for the mass economy 😒

  • Thế giới games - Gameworldz
    Thế giới games - Gameworldz

    probably gonna buy this bae for its superior gaming experience!

  • Ralph Franco
    Ralph Franco

    Only problem is it’s 1,000 dollar price

  • Fajri Nafisa
    Fajri Nafisa


  • Simp4Goose

    hi austin evans

  • Erwin jr
    Erwin jr

    14:49 if you're excited about this product leave after this point. its alot of money for what it is.. granted its a nice product, not cheap or even reasonable for a gaming first device.

  • Saqib Rezwan
    Saqib Rezwan

    Linus knows exactly when to say the price tag so that we can finish the video.

  • Saqib Rezwan
    Saqib Rezwan

    2:20 "So, I think it's pretty much a win". Which win? Win win or Gpd win? :P

  • mr_toasty

    0:36 thats what she said

  • Beni Rodriguez
    Beni Rodriguez

    those prices are a joke!! $349 YES!... $689.. ehhh... ok for the big 2TB brother, but $1k+++? Nah... just put your (already owned) close to 7" mobile phone and a gamepad with holder for the phone, and play mobile games, or stream from the pc or Xbox (no idea if PS has something).. yeah, ok.. not that big screen, but that would cost just what.. $40 bucks? and if you own an Xbox already, you can use that controller, and get a phone holder for it for $3-4 bucks or less.

  • Randy

    Can I put switch cartridges in it? No? Then why the fuck would I buy this abomination when I have a legit PC for PC games? What a stupid fucking clickbait title.

  • CCGameing

    I'm surprised this isn't more popular than the switch.

  • Jacob


  • Fixx Foxx
    Fixx Foxx

    I have no room to talk, and its pretty neat toy, but I think people would laugh at you if you were carrying this around town though.

  • Samer Abdallah
    Samer Abdallah

    this make me feel that i need to upgrade my 6600k

  • Chilllaxxinn

    But I want to play the exclusive switch games

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