I tried SO HARD to break this… - M1 Mac Mini 10-gig Ethernet
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The M1 Mac Mini was an impressive machine with one major caveat - Apple removed the 10 gigabit NIC. We thought it was because they couldn’t make it work. We thought wrong… Or did we?

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

  • Bruce Li
    Bruce Li

    No, Bro, you tried even harder to twist your face to make the cover page !

  • Wyatt Woodsom
    Wyatt Woodsom

    I love your intro!!!!!

  • VMGuy 23
    VMGuy 23

    All i think of NVMe is that its my ssd thing

  • Booshcoco 2007XD
    Booshcoco 2007XD

    You should take one apart part by part

  • Booshcoco 2007XD
    Booshcoco 2007XD

    Damn son, whered u get that

  • Tom From Alaska
    Tom From Alaska

    What a great channel. Thanks for your creativity, and your care to do things right.

  • Albert Wiersch
    Albert Wiersch

    Too bad that doesn't run Windows so it can run CSS HTML Validator.

  • Sriraghav Nadarajan
    Sriraghav Nadarajan

    linus puts the pro xdr to flex on us

  • Bear

    Kinda sus how you bring in an actual nerd to do the technical stuff

  • gigas

    I am considering getting a mac mini recently. However, I am still confused about what the 10G E does. So I need to get the Telus Gigabit plan first, then the 10G Ethernet on this mac mini will do magic for me, right?

    • Aditya Bhattacharya
      Aditya Bhattacharya

      10 gigabit ethernet is not for the average user. mac mini's are widely used in render farms in studios where editing shorter video clips on many small machines is more efficient and cost effective than a big computer. Having a 10 gbe port means that could be done as that port helps to connect to a high speed file server where those video clips are stored.

  • Moon Mode
    Moon Mode

    Wow. This Mac is a beast!

  • brekke00

    It would never be a problem streaming that kind of data on a normal connection. ;) Best regards Norway where 500/500 fibre is the norm.

  • Marc Boucher
    Marc Boucher

    in the fast scrolling output of the running script one still sees "Operation not permitted" errors from dd trying but failing to access raw ssd disk device because it isn't running as root. So your test might not show valid results as the SSDs were possibly not really accessed due to this error.

  • Alex Tamez
    Alex Tamez

    how can I know the terminal command to test my network ?

  • Mandeep Kalsi
    Mandeep Kalsi

    Hey LTT can you change your videos to 16:9 plz

  • Bad Bees
    Bad Bees

    The lying ferryboat legally moan because acrylic relatedly copy under a domineering smoke. substantial, skillful barge

  • Prathamesh Adke
    Prathamesh Adke

    which laptop are you using? can you tell me that, hp model

    • Prathamesh Adke
      Prathamesh Adke

      @Aditya Bhattacharya, it is hp model and you are telling it dell XPS

  • Moogle

    Wow this is too nerdy for me.

  • Recursion V
    Recursion V

    You can say how much sexual excitement Linus gets when the intro says giggity

  • Kevin Ruhiu
    Kevin Ruhiu

    I am huge apple fan, and I love Linus' Apple Coverage, he goes sooooo deep into the tech. And its refreshing to have someone extremely skeptical of Apple reviewing the tech. Keep it up LTT!! Keep the Apple stuff coming~

  • Shao

    Apple really didn't cut on the corners in this case, even if most people will never find it out. This is impressive.

  • Apple


  • Southern Digital
    Southern Digital

    I can't believe that M1 mac "mini" has more powerful single core than mac pro, imac pro

  • Nikhil Verma
    Nikhil Verma

    Monitor name please ?

  • Anna Vahtera
    Anna Vahtera

    I have one complaint about the M1 machines, and one complaint only. That Apple artifically limited the amount of displays you can connect to it. I really hate them for that. The M1 chip is capable of driving 2x 5K screens, so bandwidth-wise that's more than EIGHT FullHD screens. But Apple has limited *all* physically connected displays. Even though you can connect more than two monitors, only two of them will work at one time. I hear you say there's something else there and the problem is just the number of displays. Well, not the case. The M1 can run at least one AirPlay monitor *in addition* to the regular displays. So there's literally nothing to prevent the system to work with, say 3xFullHD displays, other than Apple itself. And sometimes, even though 1x4K has more pixels than 3xFullHD, the three FullHD screens offer "more space" and more organized desktop. That's literally my only complaint. In the real world, where we're not staring at numbers and just doing stuff, the M1 Mac mini is stupidly fast in everything you can throw at it.

  • jeff nelson
    jeff nelson

    Awesome! Would suggest reducing the fast logging because writing logs (even outputting them) might lower performance.

  • Nikopol

    Ok so now the incredible M1 chip from apple is making you to talk good about apple. I thought you were an apple hater.

  • Blame yo momma, and her drama, not Barack Obama
    Blame yo momma, and her drama, not Barack Obama

    This guy, his eyes are always so blazed


    Another gimmick by 🍎

    • Aditya Bhattacharya
      Aditya Bhattacharya

      how the fuck is this a gimmick. literally 100s of devices have these

  • Bentendo Plays
    Bentendo Plays

    Chances are the pandemic could have effected certain parts being difficult to get en masse, and so they didn't want to delay the Mac Mini launch and gave a model that would still please 95% of users on day one.

  • Sam Tech Tips 12
    Sam Tech Tips 12

    Apple knows LINUS exists and he will try to break their graphs. 😂😂😂

  • The Marquee
    The Marquee

    Take off the masks....

  • Icing Tomato
    Icing Tomato

    Well, I don’t realize the ARM SoC’s On Chip Bus can run PCI Express. Because PCI-E is a serial bus. So I think like thunderboots controler, ethernet will be connected to the AXI parallel bus.

  • Tamas Herman
    Tamas Herman

    That wildly scrolling text might measurably affect performance. It might have been intentional, to induce usage of the display steam, but I often experienced printing introducing a bottleneck.

  • AlisterCountel

    I feel like it would benefit consumers is Apple would just double the ports (maybe not double, but add a fair amount more) on a similar model and state that they are not rated to the same specifications. The majority of users don’t need that much bandwidth on each port, they just want to have access to them without need for a dock/dongle. It’s not like a mouse uses even 1Gbps, sharing with 5 other ports would leave plenty of bandwidth.

  • JohnD

    I was about to move back to Windows PCs, until Apple introduced the M1. I bought a MacMini. At first, I had some issues, but they were solved by a new version of Big Sur. The M1 still doesn't perform at the level they announced on launching day, but it is an amazing chip. Now I can't wait for the 16" MacBook Pro to be updated and get one. There are things that are still better in other systems, Google Maps is way better than the Apple maps, and Microsoft OneDrive cloud is way better than iCloud, but I can use those services on a Mac, so there is no need to switch systems anymore.

  • Kebbo

    lets be real we all read it as pog the first tim

  • chocolate brownies
    chocolate brownies

    linus look a little bit....crazy

  • lboucher 791
    lboucher 791

    can you hook up a razer core to a mac mini ?

  • Ashish Ahlawat
    Ashish Ahlawat

    You look like you are HIGH on tech!!

  • Dimi D
    Dimi D

    All of that scrolling terminal output will use up a surprising amount of CPU, I would try it again dumping stdout/stderr to a file just to see if it makes a difference (or disabling verbose output if the commands support it).

  • tariq yosef
    tariq yosef

    does this mean that m1 totally mega destroy ryzen and intel.

  • David Oehring
    David Oehring

    if this is apples first jump into cpus then it makes me excited for someone who uses macs and pcs

  • IG Gash23
    IG Gash23

    Do a barrel roll

  • Ayush Pratap Singh
    Ayush Pratap Singh

    His Acting 😂😂😂

  • nathanas64

    Wow ! Thorough test!

  • Alwyn Schoeman
    Alwyn Schoeman

    How about more info on the multi-core performance and an idea of of the limitations of the limited memory? I have a 4750ge in the same form factor with 64Gb ram, but may have to use mac for work.

  • murfad

    pl0x gief moar anthony

  • Sergey

    6:25 You may be surprised but caldigit may not be thunderbolt 3 device, take this into account when you measure performance. Don't take for granted that a dock has perfect compatibility

  • Filip

    PFFFT, that thing isnt hard to break. Just use it as a proxy between your car and your car jack when changing tires :D

  • Climatic Bacon
    Climatic Bacon

    Oh yes, Apple is going back to the PowerPC-Style of products. I love it

  • Stephen Cutts
    Stephen Cutts

    I literally just bought a mac mini 16GB 1TB from Mirco Center today.

  • Andrew Burnett
    Andrew Burnett

    Can you make a video of why the bluetooth is so bad in the M1 Mac minis?

  • ryan fisher
    ryan fisher

    how much weed did he smoke before he made this video? lmao

  • Tony johnson
    Tony johnson

    Apple shill.

  • N3KOS are life
    N3KOS are life

    I like apple but I'm too poor for it haha...

  • Tommy Hoglund
    Tommy Hoglund

    Please...Take of the stupid masks...

  • John Townshend
    John Townshend

    I'm trying to pick out a new pc for my DAW, undecided on the M1 or ryzen/Intel. It's impossible to find real world tests and unbiased reviews/recommendations on LVdown. It's all gaming, which I never do.

  • Lars

    the only two things which are annoying me as a usual private PC-consumer on the mac mini is 1. why HDMI and not straight DP? 2. Daisy Chaining is not possible.

  • DodgyDog 08
    DodgyDog 08

    13:57 can’t believe he used to be working for ncix

  • Bryan Gyorgak
    Bryan Gyorgak

    Do you need more ram the. 8gb

  • Aboode DABOSS
    Aboode DABOSS

    God I wish I had an apple laptop or computer or any brand

  • mrkthmn

    LOL, that subtle eyebrow after the What a deal! @3:46

  • chukky

    “the price of our 40oz water bottle is the same as the 21oz. That’s a good deal”. No Linus. Thats called a scam

    • DJ Diarrhea
      DJ Diarrhea

      You'd be surprised how similar the production costs are probably. You're not really paying for materials nowadays, more machine time and tooling, which doesn't scale linearly.

  • Shorye

    linus you plug in like 600 ssds into a mac mini. irst of all i dont think anyone does that and if they do i dont think they will use a mac mini for it. Its a consumer product.

  • Sol In
    Sol In

    imagine trying to destroy perfect product

  • Titan V8
    Titan V8

    honestly I made my last mistake in my life to buy those apples iPhone Mac iPad etc but the next time I will create myself better stronger cheaper fuck the Brands … thanks for video

  • Maya Dunia
    Maya Dunia

    even though i don't understand, but i like the way linus explain all of this, he looks smart

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira

    May I advise to reduce console logging to a minimum when performing performance measures? Trust me, it bogs down the system and even may become the bottleneck. I'd really loved this message to reach someone from LTT, specially Anthony (Trust me I'm an Engineer)

  • zwerko

    Not an Apple fan by any stretch but it seems they did some damn fine engineering on the I/O side of M1.

  • LeBlanche

    Where is the music production rig?

  • xSamDGK

    Does anyone else not really understand most of what Linus talks about but still watches the videos?? I love it

  • Hsc 200
    Hsc 200

    Only if I had those many ssds

  • Inservio

    Oh look apple made something shiny. I wonder how many workers that cost. Come on Linus, you're better than this. That taste in the back of throat isn't vomit; it's your conscience. Actually hang on, it _is_ apple, so fair bet the taste is _also_ vomit....

  • Omarion xxx
    Omarion xxx

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  • Ferdinand Bardamu
    Ferdinand Bardamu

    The next mac mini better be fanless, much smaller and powered by USB-C.

  • Joxxxx

    The background music is quite annoying !

  • Abdul Manan Raja
    Abdul Manan Raja

    why he hates apple so much

  • Joe Kludsky
    Joe Kludsky

    Do a vid with adam lz

  • Eram Ahmed
    Eram Ahmed

    finally, a proper video that Linus enjoy making, and we tech nerd also enjoy watching...

  • Juan S
    Juan S

    Just bought one 3 days ago. It's an awesome machine and its nice and quiet. It's my first Mac too

  • Ion Amygdalon
    Ion Amygdalon

    Dear Linus Are you self educated Or do you have a degree such as Computer Science or Electronic Engineering ? I think many teenagers are watching you As they consider you a role model And rightfully so ! Last but not least, A video made for them, giving them some basic advice as to how to pursue their dreams just like you did I think would not just benefit them But would also bring many new subscribers Best wishes

  • Nakuhito

    Not me thinking he tried to physically break the Mac

  • No Name
    No Name

    Just take the masks off. We all know you will just take them off when the camera is off and we don’t care.

  • Taran Bali
    Taran Bali

    All this for a drop of blood?!

  • Trevor

    I love how you figured out or accidentally got your LTT store advert as part of the preview frames. :)

  • prash

    Linus, you really need to stop omitting the topic of the video from the title and the thumbnail! -.-

  • Alexey Rivers
    Alexey Rivers

    M1 is pretty neat! Never had a Mac before, but now I'm in love with my 16GB M1 MacMini and macOS in particular.

    • Eli the Photo G
      Eli the Photo G

      Same here. First Mac ever and it’s been a week with my m1 16gb mac mini and man.. i’m in love lol


    Nice Review Brothers 👍😃✔❤ Regards from Europe from my channel 😃👍

  • eRich

    @13:44 why I love Linus…lol

  • Canada Jones
    Canada Jones

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought he meant that he applied 10g of force to the physical Mac Mini in a case stress test, which is another test entirely.

  • biscuit _
    biscuit _

    shut up linus

  • ike

    Testing the few ports is burying the lead, you couldnt install any SSD to SATA or pcie for lower latency device speed. This system is a temporary solution & basically DOA ewaste. I am typing this on a 9 year old motherboard with a lower latency NVME add on drive for example. These experimental "modular CPU & RAM" hub systems where the thunderbolt hub is the actual system and you plug different CPU/GPU/RAM/Network in to the hub dosnt seem like a better solution compared to things like the intel NUC which itself is lackluster (but at least compatible and expandable and upgradable and interchangeable) They must see the high margines on embeded kiosk systems and made a big push for those. My work uses an apple device in its embedded customer facing kiosk even tho its fraught with technical issues (either directly related to the device or the separate devices plugged into its limited io or the shit thunderbolt plug itself)

  • Zac Wadholm
    Zac Wadholm

    lobis, president of the earth joe bidden said you don't need a mask anymore

  • Man ju Manl
    Man ju Manl

    Hi,James blunt !

  • Justthatguy

    Seems like intel is acting like a 5 year old and is jealous of apples power

  • TheRacer_ 25
    TheRacer_ 25

    wtf messi

  • NeX GeN
    NeX GeN

    Anthony is all knowing

  • Foto Ernst
    Foto Ernst

    Hello Linus, do it works running an Minecraft server on the Mac Mini M1? Maby this can be also an idea for an video.

  • AJ

    I thought this video would just be Linus smashing it with a hammer

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