I REALLY Wanted to Try Mini LED... and it's GREAT!
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Samsung's latest NEO QLED TVs are designed around some brand new tech, also featured in Apple's latest iPad Pro called Mini LEDs. They've been teasing them for a couple years now and today I finally get to try them out!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxm...
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/sup...
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High lvdown.info...

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
1:07 QLED vs OLED History Lesson
2:23 Dimming Zones Explained
3:23 Alternative Options
3:50 Samsung NEO QLED Introduction
4:56 Bright Room Image Comparison
9:10 Dark Room Image Comparison
10:43 Can Linus Tell the Difference?
11:39 Image Comparison Conclusion
12:43 Q-Symphony Audio Test (Fail)
13:41 Outro

  • curtisbas

    I have the 75" TCL Mini led tv which I paid half the price for.

  • brucethen

    😀 I'm a monster, I want to mount my TV on my fireplace

  • brucethen

    LoL one huge difference between them......Dolby Vision

  • Zed a
    Zed a

    Hope they use the tech on an ultrawide pc monitor

  • WeLikeSportz

    The reflections are insane lol, it's like a mirror.

  • Andrey Kuratov
    Andrey Kuratov

    "We were so wrong" More like we were payed so well to say "Wow, that's so cool, go buy dis" Modern display technology can't offer you real-life image. The only thing it can do is impress you with artificial colors and overblown saturation, which can be considered pretty while the "wow" effect lasts. I would prefer a well-calibrated traditional IPS anyday. I also had white haze in front of my eyes for some time after looking at OLED TVs for 5-10 minutes. No thanks.

  • Truth

    The QN85A uses an ADS panel, not something I would buy.

  • D V
    D V

    is it only me? the oled looks blurry , but qled looks sharp .. common hit me!

  • Amok4All

    Time for a new TV 😎

  • Luca Montello
    Luca Montello

    hollllld up he sounds like purpled!

  • Ahmed Abdul Razzaq
    Ahmed Abdul Razzaq

    I've tried Mini LED on the new Ipad pro and its awful if you raise the brightness in a very dark room you can easily see the zone and the shadows around subtitle for an example that's not happening in OLED TV at all

  • Minty

    that segway... wow

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown

    No one mentioned the noticeable detail difference of Samsung vs the oled on those screen pauses?

  • B B
    B B

    LTT finding out at 6:52 about Reference-Monitors and Consumer-Monitors, you can not expect a "cheap" monitor to be a reference monitor that is calibrated 100% correctly or at least 99%

  • GandalfTheLit

    That zoomer things spoof tho, i almost choked on my vape, *trollface*

  • Greg Peabody
    Greg Peabody

    Linus " is the LG set to warm?" Proceeds to turn the tone significantly cooler than the Samsung and calls it even.😂

  • Negi G
    Negi G

    I cant see shit on my phoen display

  • McDonalds

    I feel like this tech would be perfect on a smart phone

  • Philipp Kottsiepe
    Philipp Kottsiepe

    What movie is that?

  • Finland Journey
    Finland Journey

    Jake and Linus always without masks LOL. I guess what's going on is Jake is giving Linus the courage to face the 99.95% survival rate virus for their age group. Remember the video last fall when Jake and Linus were shoulder to shoulder in front of the table both maskless?

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey

    Sammy for the win, way more detailed, great black levels, it's pretty obvious, only a oled fan boy would disagree 😉😜😏, but everyone has there preference

  • Bruce Perez
    Bruce Perez

    I go with Samsung .. OLED really has issues with burn in .. That is what I fear with OLED.

  • G M
    G M

    Some of those side by side comparisons are BS. Why is the OLED dark areas washed out? Clearly the black level is set incorrectly on the OLED or something.

  • Cyber MX
    Cyber MX

    and hoy is the view angle on the samsung? Still not convinced.

  • Kcducttaper1

    Weird thing is, I've never really noticed any kind of bloom on my 14 year old HP w22 LCD screen. Sucker's a beast as I still use it dang near every day!

  • Fifth Generation
    Fifth Generation

    I bought the TCL 6 Series late last year which is Mini LED QLED with Dolby Vision and oh my is it amazing! I never thought I would be able to get black levels and contrast similar to OLED without the crazy cost. It’s definitely the best TV purchase decision I’ve made.

  • Cinnabuns2009

    There is no anti glare on the Samsung 77" and there's distracting reflections of ...everything off the screen which is super annoying. Pretty unforgivable to not have anti glare layers on a $3000 television.

  • Spawn

    Well this test is pointless comparing a OLED half the size and zooming so it matches scale. I expect more from a tier A youtube channel. Play HDR on similar sized panels with power saving options turned off on the CX and its not even a competition anymore.

  • Explore with Jazz yt
    Explore with Jazz yt

    I agree you should have Tried the Mini

  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez

    Might just be me but i just don't trust LG for primetime as a brand. Meaning if i had that kinda money i wouldn't buy one of their OLEDs, just from using the brand in the past.

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr

    That actually looks very impressive. I would assume that because it is LED it will use less power and put out less heat as well. Plus no burn in issues or auto dimming features to deal with. I love my C9 oled but it has a few draw backs. The auto dimming feature is pretty annoying when using it as a computer monitor and I haven't found a way to disable it yet. It will just randomly get really dim, then step up to really bright while I am using it. I have controlled it to an extent and am getting used to it but it is still annoying. Not an issue at all when watching tv or movies though. And my oled also puts out a fair amount of heat compared to the LCD I had before.

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    My Samsung 4K is a VA panel, my phone is an lcd, my iPad Pro is an lcd… on paper my setup sucks but in reality very nice.

  • Rody Davis
    Rody Davis

    I have the CX LG 65” OLeD and there are much better color modes. Not to mention the high refresh rate @ 120

  • SolosamuraiZ

    Why do so many reviewers out there lie and tout how great OLED is for gaming by minimizing burn in risk? Maybe they're getting the tvs for free so don't feel the loss or use the tv after reviewing it to know? Meanwhile,I'm seeing more and more complaints of users with burn in less than a year of mixed use and Abt how LG is supposedly just replacing screens now, likely to avoid a lawsuit. They still haven't figured out how to stop burn in, those pixel refreshers help. Until they do, LCD tvs are still the best option for gaming.. and news

  • Empires Fall
    Empires Fall

    I don't get the mini led for smaller screens like tablets. The brightness of oled from Samsung on smaller screens is already amazing.

  • Fredrik Malmer
    Fredrik Malmer

    Warm2 is the correct setting. It's the samsung that is too cold.

    • Truth

      rtings tested the cx with warm2, it's around 7000k. The C1 is even a bit colder with 7100k. It should be around 6500k. So the LG's are to cold.

  • Fco M
    Fco M

    I never expected to learn about the anatomy of the human eye on this channel 11:05

  • The Jokr
    The Jokr

    @0:44 why tf is he wearing a tena lady on his face??

  • Gamen4Bros


  • Onur Akbaş
    Onur Akbaş

    Linus: How many dimimg zones you have? Samsung: Supreme

  • Keith Christensen
    Keith Christensen

    What movie were they watching?

  • Vladimir Zigic
    Vladimir Zigic

    Comparing to latest "next gen" OLED QLED has ton of DSE and vertical banding. Not to mention you'll be REALLY LUCKY if your QLED is without any dead pixel.👎🏻

  • Lofi Sensei
    Lofi Sensei

    Wow, the title was really irritating. Thought he was tEsting a legit Mini LED TV...

  • Playboi Papix
    Playboi Papix

    sorry but it aint oled

  • Maajid Bashir
    Maajid Bashir

    I bought a Samsung KS8000 back in 2016 and really haven't felt the need to upgrade ever since. It still holds up after all these years.

  • The_Effect_DE

    OLED sucks because of quality loss over time and burn in.

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube

    No buddy the dimming zones being more aggressive wanting less blooming means the deepest possible blacks lol not opposed to wanting the deepest backs possible you had it backwards lol that's what they are going for with no blooming

  • Jake Storms
    Jake Storms

    Huge failure to never mention TCL who was first in all of this.

  • v1m30

    Dual layer LCD. It's what replaced OLED even on high precision mastering monitors. Comparable contrast and much higher brightness. FALD is nice but takes forever to get to market in a usable form. Still for a PC use and dynamic content, I would take OLED over anything any time of the day, simply for the response times or rather lack of any response time, it's near instant. And the low brightness I can live with and can be improved when corps. stop to cheap out and use a heatsink for the OLED panel.

  • José De Bardi
    José De Bardi

    Q-Symphony is very impressive BTW. Works perfectly on my Q950T + QN900A setup. Adds a lot of depth to the sound, which surprised me given flat panel TV speakers are usually so abysmal. The TV does have impressively large rear firing woofers in it though.

  • José De Bardi
    José De Bardi

    I took delivery of a 2021 75 inch 8K Neo QLED QN900A last month. So far I’m loving it. Wife isn’t sure it’s worth the crazy £8k cost yet though, especially as we currently have no 8K sources 😂

  • Berjerk

    It's simple, wait for samsung to create it, then buy another brand taht use it. Samsung has been a disappointement in quality for years now. It's all about marketing.

  • Jackson Crosley - Drone Buddies
    Jackson Crosley - Drone Buddies

    they need to put this in future vr headsets

  • Pedro Nascimento
    Pedro Nascimento

    Linus, I sell TVs for a living and let me tell you this: your local dimming explanation should be mandatory to each and every buyer, this was just spot on, great work!

  • Ring Road
    Ring Road

    yall aren't ready for the OD Zero mini-led tv from TCL coming out later this year

  • Mohammed S
    Mohammed S

    Green my rear. The OLED is always dim, and nothing's worse than a dim screen.

  • theandren85

    im not saying one of them is better or the other, but its super easy to see difference in black levels, even on distance, because oled is always noticeable less detailed in almost black areas, because its "too dark"

  • Kai Ichinose
    Kai Ichinose

    Awesome video but I think you should have used same size screen and also used either a C1 or even g1 for a comparison. I'm a fan of mini led qned and neo but a 65 inch cx or c1 comes in cheaper and also has 4 hdmi 2.1 ports and c1 has better game performance as where Samsung still has 1 even on their 8k TV.

  • Aaron Murgatroyd
    Aaron Murgatroyd

    I saw you there, using an 8 Bit Do as a remote control! :P I would like to know how many dimming zones this TV has, also, why is Micro LED so expensive to manufacture, is this going to be fixed at some point so we can finally have the ultimate screen? We have the old Q90T TV at home, and we do notice blooming, but its rare and doesnt really pose any issues for us.

  • Stefan Egger
    Stefan Egger

    I would just make 2 panels, one for color, one for light. A small filter could process the light panel to greyscable and apply filters to it to make the light parts brighter and the dark parts off (basically add contrast) and maybe make the light zones a bit smaller, so no wash out is present. I am just not sure if you would be legally allowed to display content on 2 layers, as you basically could argue that you only pay for one view. Its still one display, but it would kinda display 2 times the same image, one time in color and one time as light source.

  • Bob_Butler

    socks with sandals....com'on Linus

  • mohammad reza
    mohammad reza

    Linus: Me: I think I watched that movie but I just don't remember the name

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown

    we are seeing the recording of the camera. so yeah

  • Guitar Equals Awesome
    Guitar Equals Awesome

    make a comparisson with the new G1 ir C1 from LG or even better the sony ones !

  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry

    Can someone tell me what movie it was they were watching?

  • sanidhay sharma
    sanidhay sharma

    lvdown.info/cd/b7l6ipbHz9CEl20/video.html lvdown.info/cd/b7l6ipbHz9CEl20/video.html lvdown.info/cd/b7l6ipbHz9CEl20/video.html

  • sanidhay sharma
    sanidhay sharma


  • sanidhay sharma
    sanidhay sharma

    If you want to know more about mini led lvdown.info/cd/b7l6ipbHz9CEl20/video.html

  • Arthur Leywin
    Arthur Leywin

    Oh God

  • V3XOR

    my solution to this: build a tv that just turns off the pixels for true black areas

  • Sal3600

    Don't confuse this with micro led

  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone

    LED is still lit by a backlight. OLED every single pixel has its own light

  • Cato Bringas
    Cato Bringas

    Misleading video. I’m looking at my iPad 2018 and iPad 2021 mini-led side-by-side. The mini-led has slightly better contrast for reading ebooks and sheet music, that is barely noticeable. I suggest consumers stay away from these gimmicks until they really need a new device. If I had bought the new iPad just for mini-led, I would feel incredibly ripped-off right now. Certainly, this video would tend to bias viewers towards undue exuberance.

  • E Wyngowski
    E Wyngowski

    linus making gen z jokes cause he feels his planned obsolescence coming

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman

    What's the movie? Blade Runner 2049?

  • William Wheeler
    William Wheeler

    Watching this on the mini led iPad and this display in HDR is all that - best I’ve ever seen

  • Uncle Deadhead
    Uncle Deadhead

    i run a 65 inch OLED for my primary LG, tv and a 49 inch nano cell for my gaming pc. i can honestly say noone watches movies in adead ultra dark room, even movie theaters have side lighting for this reason.

  • Eric

    i love that they played br2049

  • i am in pain
    i am in pain


  • Topher Hendrickson
    Topher Hendrickson

    i mean, from my monitor and through video compression, the LG looks like shit compared to the Samsung.

  • John L Galt
    John L Galt

    The failing pixel(s) at 11:25 caught my eye Or, wait. Is that actually an image being projected onto the TV from another device?

  • Bayley Inc
    Bayley Inc

    Don't waste your money on Samsung's new Neo QLED. I have had the 65" model replaced 4 times and each set turns up with the same issue. You can see the 4 LED panels that make up the back panel. This results in a very noticeable vertical line in the middle of the screen from top to bottom, its like a brighter line around 1 cm thick. This was on all sets and the newest one now also has a horizontal one going accross the screen which isn't as noticeable than the vertical one. These lines are most noticeable when watching things like anime and 2D animation or anything where the scene pans like a nature documentary for example. If you are a gamer then this will be most noticeable when playing games. So far I have tested a host of games on this TV on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and anything I play the line is there in your face, very off putting when gaming and trying to get immersed. I am getting this refunded now and will just stick with a different brand as Samsung has now admitted to me that this is now a known issue with these panels. For some reason no reviewers are mentioning this, I have even sat and watched loads of reviews and can see the line clearly in some review videos and they don't say a thing

  • Blue_Ducky

    Who else is still happy with their 720p LED TV?

  • M 45
    M 45

    Old school Linus dropping things 4:34

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano

    Blade Runner is a crazy movie, but good nonetheless.

  • Steve B
    Steve B

    Me after buying the 2020 65" CX Oled... 😒 Could have had the Samsung 75"... or 85".... Not one for waiting though...

  • Ed Douglas
    Ed Douglas

    Thanks for mentioning micro LED, which IS the holy grail of display technology.

  • Bruce Cowgill
    Bruce Cowgill

    TCL 8 series introduced this a couple years ago...

  • Josh Cartu
    Josh Cartu

    There's something wrong with that OLED display or it's somehow out of focus. Go to 10:06 and look at the lack of sharpness / definition. Sony 85 OLED for example or any Sony for that matter (and it's already discontinued) will give much better results imho.

  • Chris Schuler
    Chris Schuler

    9:00 and that LG has a 120hz panel so you'd pick it anyways lol

  • iDoe84

    but in reality samsungs mini led is not as great as it suggests.. at least with this first version and considering it's price. in other tests the neo qled didn't get that good marks.

  • Alexander Coral
    Alexander Coral

    Me on 720p , I can see the difference!

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    I'm so glad you guys started doing timestamps, it makes it so much easier to find specific information in your videos.

  • Christian Terrill
    Christian Terrill

    Me on my crappy cell phone watching this video at 720p max " wow, omg it does looks so much better"

  • WhiteHawk

    “Their monsters but they do it”. Thank you, I’ll never get people putting a TV high up on a wall. Are you standing up all the time or are you sitting on bar stools watching TV?

  • JE

    what I would like to know, if I had to choose between the two technologies (if they look almost the same), wich one degrade less over time?

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      not zones.

  • Ricardo Aguilar
    Ricardo Aguilar

    Lol. Samsung been trying to catch up with LG for years. I'm sure Samsung is throwing everything but the kitchen sink to take down OLED tech.

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina

    I just have to tell you that you say that the 2 current technologies that compete with each other are, QLED and OLED. I think you should have indicated that Quantum Dot is the name that physicist Alexei Ekimov gave it, that the first company to use this technology was Sony with its Trilluminius but it was made famous by the Samsung brand under the name QLED.-

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    Any chance we could wait for that iPad impressions from you?…

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith