People Will Literally Fight Over This - RTX 3070 Ti Review
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In an age where people will fight over even the chance to get a video card, does it really matter how one performs or what it costs? And is the 3070 Ti even any good?

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0:00 Intro
1:48 The spec sheet
3:30 Test setup
3:44 Gaming
5:08 Productivity
6:20 Thermals \u0026 power
7:13 Buy almost literally any GPU at MSRP

  • S B
    S B

    Ya, but can it play Crysis? (sorry, I've been out of the loop since 2012) LULZ

  • Top Ways Vacations
    Top Ways Vacations

    me with a 3080 about to sell my whole pc because of a weird mouse delay problem i am having

  • Bob Truck
    Bob Truck

    Lol. I bought a dirt cheap 2070 right before the launch. People saidni was dumb. So glad I did. I will not get a 3000s series. I'm waiting for the 4000s

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith

    Yp, I see people fighting over this review

  • MarcasswellbMD

    LINUS LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU CAN BUY ONE, not get it for free.. I don't even believe Nvidia made that card, other than to give it to reviewer's.

  • Mr. Ticklebutts
    Mr. Ticklebutts

    lot's of white people ;) also ''buy''

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    I bought into the hype and bought a 3070 near the beginning. I only rarely game but when I do, it's awesome. So cool being able to play VR games at decent resolutions now.

  • Scotracer1987

    Very happy with my MSRP 3070 I got in Dec 2020. Not smug at all.

  • ReaprG

    Me with console: These pc people weird, meh maybe just spoiled XD.

  • Vijay Prakash
    Vijay Prakash

    its GDDR6X memory, not GDDR6

  • leftywhat

    Why even bother quoting MSRP... who paid for the card, nvidia I assume?

  • Liam Ham
    Liam Ham

    I just won a 3070 ti from Newegg shuffle, so let’s hope it slaps

  • Wild Relic Productions
    Wild Relic Productions

    600 fps in CS go! I feel like that's totally unnecessary... I have a feeling the only monitors it would be good for are the 360hz monitor's even then it's stretching it

  • No Name
    No Name

    I might never unsee Linus nukem.

  • CinePhil101

    Stop making excuses for big corporations Linus

  • Element Finland
    Element Finland

    Boy am I glad I bought a fucking 2080 TI. What a headache would it be to try to get anything decent

  • Steph Pears
    Steph Pears

    3:41 (with a southern drawl) your honor I would like to call to the stand, Linus's wife. Mrs Linus can you confirm the image we see here today accurately represents your husband's junk. I would like to remind you you are under oath.

  • Mnooper

    Fighting? Over a card that doesnt exist?

  • SHD

    How big of a jump from GTX 1080? Thanks!

  • Mountain Mischief
    Mountain Mischief

    I'm one of the lucky bastards who was able to get their hands on one of these. Can't even use it yet because it doesn't fit in my case. Guess I'll have to build another PC...

  • Aspect

    The gpu actually has GDDR6X memory and not normal GDDR6 as said in the video!

  • Decay

    I literally was the the Dallas micro center the day before that happened

  • Goatie89

    I keep wanting a new gpu, but then I remembered I only play old games. My 1070 is plenty for now, while I work on my backlog.

  • Champ FTW
    Champ FTW

    I hope they gave 10gb vram

  • Rogelio

    Just buy a prebuilt with a 3090 for the price of a single 3080 for the same price.

  • Aaryaman

    Not worth it

  • spektrumB

    I stand by what I said. "Linus, your 3080Ti and 3070Ti reviews are trash." Will never watch any video from your channel again.

  • CreamyHead

    bro linus have all the cards ,rush him boys

  • raylyd

    I would be happy with a 1080ti atm

  • Shotz

    8gigs of vram is garbage and to play games in 4k with ray tracing you need at least 12-17gigs so buy the 24gig vram 3090

  • Chaddy

    My gtx 660 feeling kinda old right about now

  • Pug Champ
    Pug Champ

    While Im here being perfectly happy with a Rx 570 lmao

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor

    Another paid for video ? How can you guys be the ONLY ones recommending these cards ? Everyone else is warning people away from them but you come up with some rubbish about, since you can't get any cards right now, just buy up any old crap nVidia throw at us ? How is this good for people that rely on opinions and reviews in order to make a wise purchase decision.

  • Jay Roy
    Jay Roy

    Linus talking about 1200$ CAD 3070Ti OUT OF STOCK everywhere Me trying to find another Rx570 under of 699$ to do a multi GPU Bitcoin miner WHAT YOU OWN A RX570 HOW MUCH DO YOU SELL IT ? Me : Dude thats my only good graphic card i paid it 250$ in 2018 Bitcoin miner : Wait you paid it 250$ and now worth 699$ Me : yep Linus : i might have one rx570 for my fellow desperate canadian gamer Me : Here is my shipping adress :

  • Bootynatorr

    yea help this loosers to sell there over priced cards

  • midon

    I'm willing to fight in a cage match against 5 waves of 10 gradeschoolers each and a 5th grader with a taser as a final boss

  • A.C.N

    The struggle is real. My humble little low profile GTX 1650 went from being $150 in early 2020 to being worth (scalped) ~$400 on eBay, and that's if you're fortunate enough to find one.

  • Izzy

    I keep circling back to getting a pc and these gpu prices are super enticing if only you could find one.

  • TanayLanD

    i think the next world war will be for graphis card

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    Sometimes I wish I could understand what they were saying

  • Random Outsider
    Random Outsider

    i will KO someone for a geforce 256

  • Browntown

    I cant believe that by the time I finally get to upgrading my 1060 I have to either pay an arm and a leg or rip off someone's arm and a leg for even last gen's card

  • chi foo
    chi foo

    I hope million players DDOS attack Coinbase same time

  • Dylan Hecker
    Dylan Hecker

    At this rate I'm going to have a 10 year old GPU

  • snakev10v5

    at the risk of sounding like a dumb ass. Is it better to have more V ram but slower speed or is the speed more important? I have my eyes on a 12gb gpu but I don't want to get that to find that an 8gb with faster memory speed is better.

  • handyplayer

    1:55 There should be 10 GB GDDR6X for the RTX 3080, shouldn't it?

  • karel vandesande
    karel vandesande

    another desperate commercial message from nvidia boy

  • Smartaks7

    Bad for nvidia and Amd if they are not able to provide GPU to the gaming community

  • Diego Navarro
    Diego Navarro

    When an opinion is determined by the financial revenue given by the product manufacturer, it is no longer an opinion. It is an advertisement.

  • Coras

    Been holding out years for 30 series. Ffs

  • Gary Thurman
    Gary Thurman

    This is the most bullshit review I have ever seen. Linus thinks 10% more performance for 70% higher price is fine. I will never trust LTT reviews again.

  • Adrian

    Could i get any low end or min end pc for my friend i dont have a gift for him on his birthday because hes done so much for me and i really want to give him soemthing special

  • Vanilla

    mfs got the gtx 1660 super price quadrupled GOD DAMN

  • SteveAkaGoatpile

    the "BUY A PC RIGHT NOW" video was very much half a year too early and should not be used as a "I told you so." the market remained sane in 2020 with the exception of Nvidias hilariously bad launch.

  • Dbm_2001

    Scalpers: fighting over GPUs to list them on eBay for 2-3x the price Me: signed up for the EVGA queue and my time slot is 3 min away from people who have received purchases.

  • LaxShack - Soothing Relaxation music
    LaxShack - Soothing Relaxation music

    Actually 1080s and 1080 ti's are going for pretty close to MSRP on eBay here in Canada right now.

  • Josh Fleury
    Josh Fleury

    Why are you even bothering? 99% of us won't be able to get one for that price…. This is just a kick in the nuts for people who need one and can't get them.

  • your local goon
    your local goon

    Dumb people pay resale price (impatient), smart people keep taking Ls to eventually buy at msrp, Genius’ know how to get them free/or at 20% of their price and stress free 👌🏾

  • Orlando

    My 1070 still alive and great @1080p

  • Absra Ctma
    Absra Ctma

    3:14 this is the reason why there arent alot of 3090, 80, 70, 60s out there

  • xr680r

    Seems like Unreal engine 5, Raytrace cores not needed! UE5 Making NVIDIA choke hold on gaming less of a factor. This is big news! Are all the LVdown Tech channels ignoring this because NVIDIA is their master?

  • Matthew Hammond
    Matthew Hammond

    I would be happy with a mid range GPU I spent money on everything to build a computer only to find no GPUs for sale and I am stuck with No graphics card because the price of the ones you can buy are so costly I would have to sell my house to afford one. Its really sad because I love computers and tech. I strive to keep watching these videos because it is truly a passion of mine.

  • Spicy Cookies
    Spicy Cookies

    wait wbt the GDDR6X?

  • youarenoobie

    I would rip and tear until it is done for a gaming pc

  • N SS
    N SS

    can you also test the effect different drivers over the years on the gpu performance for gpu's ranging from 1000 to 3000 series nvidia gpus and similar with amd lineup.

  • Jack Reaver
    Jack Reaver

    I'm not saying I'd rob a scalper. But we do live in a society. And you do get what you deserve.

  • Withcheese1098

    Hey I got my 3080 from that store after waiting for 9 hours… good times

  • SeleDreams

    i got my 2080 for 500 euros just before the release of the 30x0 series, and honestly I did well lol

  • Null Null
    Null Null

    Lets push out new versions of cards we cant have, yippee...

  • Tommy Chappell
    Tommy Chappell

    It's outrageous

  • Work and Play
    Work and Play

    Will look fabulous on my mining rig.

  • Joker

    Sorry to say Linus but not all of us get our 3070's and 3080's SHIPPED FOR FREE to our doorsteps to make a ass kissing review for millions of subscribers~!!!!!@@@

  • Nir Margolis
    Nir Margolis

    Please do a video of gaming at 240fps vs 500+ fps (its referring mainly to FPS games) with all the "super power" GPUs & new CPUs I think this will be a deal breaker video for most people and might help them save tons of money (plus probably have huge amount of viewers :P )

  • そらあめ

    GDDR6X ram.... Linus :x

  • Lucas Newlove
    Lucas Newlove

    It has the exact same amount of cudacores as the 3080 mobile

  • Saurabhav

    It will be another 3 years before anyone us get to buy a GPU at MSRP

  • Ajay

    I can't get anything for a decent price.... Like come on maannnnnneeeee it's the only thing I need to complete the build 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Eddie Vargas
    Eddie Vargas

    Well I guess my 980ti is going stay with me for a bit longer ( ᐛ )و

  • epiccollision

    I guess this is just hilarious, a new low 👏 👏 👏

  • Take it easy
    Take it easy

    few weeks later So this is our new rtx 3090ti super pro extra gold titan ultra max

    • Cin

      For 30900$ to help the scalping problem it’s a bargain with it’s %1 increase over 3090

  • Taylor

    Just got a evga 3070ti on Newegg. Can’t wait for it to show up

  • Breck the Yeen
    Breck the Yeen

    This is why I quit gaming.

  • Ivan Santos
    Ivan Santos

    So in what year would I be able to buy this with out selling my house 😬

  • SJ Schauer
    SJ Schauer

    A question I have is how integrators, OEMs, and even miners are even finding cards at all. I know a program that needs cards to upgrade their simulators, but can't get hold of them. Are the OEMs and integrators going straight to the source?

  • GamboIsTheName

    Just buy a prebuilt with it… only way to get one in a few days

  • Garret Wood
    Garret Wood

    Jesus, I was there at that same store yesterday lol, was fairly quiet with nobody around, glad I wasn't there for that lol

  • Network Enthusiast PH
    Network Enthusiast PH

    sad to see that this channel used to be siding with gamers. Now, this channel is more like a promotional video by nvidia. unsubscribed

  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar

    Linus: People are fighting for the GPU!!! Me: Wait you guys have gpus??? (I use a laptop with i3 7th gen 4gb ram intel hd graphics)

  • Marc Van
    Marc Van

    We can make the same in a day reselling a card than what we can make in two weeks at work. Not everyone but a lot of people.

  • MDKVideo

    Linus shill tips

  • Kevkas

    3080 non-Ti ended up being the card that actually makes more sense to buy from a performance point of view, if you can get one ofc.

  • highjim

    Cmon, bring in 1v1 fights with the prize being 3090s. Ill take any of you mofos on in a MMA ring/cage. PRIDE RULES BITCHES!

  • J C
    J C

    Why are we all pretending the elephant in the room does not exist - crypto-mining. If Nvidia had done the proper capitalist thing and sold at real market rates and collecting the extra revenue from miners the last few years (instead of limiting sales to 1 card per buyer) then investing this capital to expand production, we would all be getting cheaper and better cards now and Nvidia would still be getting higher profits due to even larger sales.

  • Albert leo
    Albert leo

    The flaky flood oddly intend because hail analytically interest within a flippant soldier. sincere, spiritual box

  • CA BO
    CA BO

    I thought this review would be comparing this to the competition.

  • southpole76

    what's even crazier to me is that people have time for gaming ...

  • C N
    C N

    I would literally launch a nuke at a populated city to buy a GPU at 10% markup.

  • dengernoodle

    Got up early to get in line to get turned away. Got offered 3 vouchers by scalpers who’d already gotten a card in the past 30 days, offered 200-300 for the voucher. Rather throw my money down a pit than hand a penny to a scalper.

  • J.C. Denton
    J.C. Denton

    Bruh my micro center has every amd card and these dudes making a mad dash

  • Cool Jake
    Cool Jake

    My graphics card is IntelR uhd graphics 630 is it good??

6 milj.
6 milj.